Thursday, October 11, 2007

Line Rider eXtreme Sledding PC Game

For those surfers, skaters, free climbers and other summertime athletes who are sadly watching the season change, and for the ice climbers, snowboarders and extreme skiers who can't wait for winter to arrive (readers who live on the other side of the equator should reverse that), here's a game to keep your mind occupied for at least a few minutes.

Line Rider is a simple toy that lets you design the terrain for a little sledding person. With a bit of practice and editing, you can have the sledder catching air, doing flips, riding full pipes - anything that you can imagine as long as it's in two dimensions.

I love this game in part because it uses real physics equations to guide the sledder's motion. Line Rider takes into account gravity, friction, drag, momentum, inertia, acceleration, and perhaps other things I haven't noticed.

If you get tired of making sled runs, check out the movies that the game's creator Boštjan Cadež and fans of the game have made. They should inspire you to come up with more terrain designs.